Saturday, 3 September 2011

I'm in!

Well today's email brought with it the contract from Greyhart Press and I've agreed. So that's it, I'm on th ebooks, I am one of their books... I'm an author :) Okay so edits and publishing and stuff needs doing first but I'm not going to worry about that. Although editing poetry can be a bit of a pain.
I had to change a few parts already as the use of words didn't fit the voice of the piece. In a prose piece that would just mean a change of a poetry piece it can mean a rewrite of a couple of lines if you can't find a word that scans or the word you want to replace is at the end of a line and rhymes with another one... no good just bunging in a replacement if it then ruins the whole thing. Anyway, I think I got all of them so it may well just be the odd stray comma or lack of one.
Apart from the excitement of that I'm struggling with my right wrist in a neoprene doohicky to protect a damaged tendon so writing is limited to the essentials... and the blog of course.

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