Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Two days off

I've had to have two days away from blogging, not that I'm obliged to blog every day of course but it's noce to keep my hand in as it were. On Sunday I had a long trip in the car which in turn caused my fibro to flare so the last two days, when I should have been writing I've been asleep because I can't sleep through the night because of pain... which in turn is a pain! I've got virtually nothing done.
I have however come up with a, I hope, great idea for a steampunk story. Just a short one based on a few bits I read about Tesla... the 'father' of electricity. He sounds like a very strange man and a genius... which often go hand in hand it would seem.
I must get back to the book as well, I've not even looked at it since the weekend. But I have a short story buzzing round in my head and the two are incompatible so I can't do both or I'll confuse myself... easily done.
So back to writing and not prevaricating or falling asleep I hope...

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  1. You should watch the movie, "The Prestige" they give quite a bit of hype to Tesla in that movie...Great movie as well.


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