Friday, 14 October 2011

Went AWOL... sorry.

I'm back, sorry I went AWOL. I've been trying to write a book of horror poems and am nearly there. I've also finished writing my pulp fiction novelette (is that how you spell that?) provisionally called Altair Jones and the Rehab Murders. A woman who's only friend is her ship's computer Dan. She's a PI and is called in when the bodies start to pile up in The House of Lost Souls a rehab run by The Order of the Sun. Who dunnit and why? I'm not telling.
The edits are more or less done for The Legends of Light and the book cover is wonderful. Greyhart Press rock. Well I would say that wouldn't I. Anyhow it should be available to buy hopefully next month. I'll try and keep you updated, if I remember.
Apart from that I'm feeling like death warmed up. The fibro isn't liking the weather changes and it's getting colder at night so I'm waking up more often. Not much I can do about it except complain to anyone who'll listen... that'll be nobody then... except you guys. Oh god, my best friend is a blog!
The kitten we got in the summer is well and truely settled in. He's got the dogs in order and the staff are doing what they're told (me) He will insist on helping with my writng though. If I'm in bed writing by hand he keeps nudging the end of the pen. If I'm typing he'll attempt to walk across the laptop... ho hum. Maybe I can teach him to type and he can earn his living.
That's all for now. See you soon, I hope.

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